Light up the sky & give your event that extra sparkle. Whether you're celebrating new year, a religious festival or going all out for bonfire night, we can advise you on the right combination for the perfect display.

The firework basics


Anyone can let off fireworks in their own property, but you have to be over 18 to purchase fireworks so be sure to bring ID.


Always stay safe when preparing and lighting fireworks and it's a good idea to let your neighbors know, especially if they have animals. Our Outdoor and indoor fireworks include: 




  • Cake sparklers

  • Selection boxes

  • Single ignitions

  • Rockets

  • Barrages

  • Fountains 

  • Roman candles

  • Catherine wheels

  • Sparklers

  • Low noise cakes

Party & Carnival hold a seasonal selling licence:
15th Oct - 10th Nov
26th Dec - 31st Dec
29th Jan - 1st Feb